Knauer, Inc.

Knauer, Inc. screenshot
Knauer, Inc. homepage

Built this one a while back. It’s pretty robust, although it lacks support for older versions of Android because I don’t yet have any way to test on that platform.

The mostly-monochromatic design was provided to me, and I built it into a multi-column full-page site. The card-flip trick on the homepage combines a pure CSS3 technique (for browsers that support it) with a jQuery plug-in to simulate the same gimmick in older browsers, using Modernizr to detect which one should be served to the user.

Note that most of the pages are in fact hash links within a single page; this means the user is loading fewer pages, but each individual section can still be bookmarked if need be.

The photo gallery was fun to build, and uses a few basic CSS tricks to keep the photo neatly contained within the browser window no matter how large or small it may be.

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