Links of the Week

jQuery 1.8.2 – another decimal update. Also: Why you should always link to a full jQuery version number on a CDN

XKCD: Click and Drag – Probably the biggest comic panel ever.

HTML page with print header and footer on each page – another clever CSS trick.

Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago – A site I’ve been working on recently. No changes, no improvements, but a lot of HTML5 and SEO improvements behind the scenes.



This is a site I rebuilt from an old HTML 4 layout into something closer to HTML5. The photos across the homepage used to be a single large animated GIF; I recreated the same design using individual images and CSS3 to improve the animation while cutting the total weight of the page down to a tenth. A mobile stylesheet was built but wasn’t approved. Even so, it’s a big improvement under the hood.