Complete Equity Markets Insurance

Complete Equity Markets InsuranceThis site was a long time getting deployed, but it’s live as of this week. This company sells legal insurance to legal and other professionals, and they wanted both a facelift for their old site and a way for users to submit some rather complicated insurance applications online. As usual, the design was provided to me and the HTML/CSS and JavaScript were mine to create.

I always like to build responsive sites, but this time I was specifically told to stick to the desktop design and make sure the design was identical on Internet Explorer 7 and up. If you’re fluent in CSS, you know what a chore that can be, but conditional comments make it easier to deal with old IE versions. I think the CSS3 rounded corners were the only things that were obviously missing on older browsers.

The interactive forms took almost as much time as the rest of the design, simply because they were so long. Certain form fields only needed to be filled out if other fields were marked “yes” or were greater than zero, and HTML5 data- fields made it possible to implement those using just a couple of DRY JavaScript functions instead of a dozen single-use functions.

In time, more forms should be added to the site; fortunately, building them should be a whole lot quicker the second time around.


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