Rebuilt site: Pascal pour Elle

Pascal pour Elle

One of the first sites I built when joining my current employer about three years ago was Pascal pour Elle, a salon whose website needed a makeover and HTML5 update. Recently, the client wanted a full makeover, so I got back to work. The new and improved site rolled out last Friday.

The site’s purpose is the same, but the content has almost completely changed. In addition to a rotating magazine-cover-like homepage, the owner has added a monthly blog (database-driven, of course), the ability to book appointments online via an external site, and has fully integrated a modified version of the AngularJS product selector app that I originally built for their internal use.

The site uses a small amount of jQuery and a large amount of CSS to do the heavy lifting.  Of course, it also employs a responsive design that reorganizes itself for smartphones and tablets, which I was given the freedom to construct on my own based on the approved desktop design.

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