Bootstrap 3.2.0 and jQuery UI 1.11.0 released

The latest point update adds new responsive utility classes and responsive embeds for video, along with other minor changes.

The jQuery team also released a point update to jQuery UI, adding (among other things) a selectmenu widget and deprecating support for IE7.

Other than that, not a lot to report on the project front — I’m halfway through about four different websites, but nothing’s completed yet.

Vasilko Architects

Vasilko Architects


This is a fairly basic site content-wise, but it’s the first client site we’ve built on the Bootstrap 3 framework — extensively customized, of course, and fairly heavily optimized. jQuery provides animations when you mouse over project thumbnails, and the project slideshows themselves are powered by Bootstrap’s Carousel component.  Continue reading Vasilko Architects

Back to school

Just because you’re a big grown-up professional, doesn’t mean you don’t need to take yourself back to school to learn something new every year.

As new projects come in at work and a new server becomes available to tinker with, I’ll be adding a few new tools to my skill set in the coming months:

Thank goodness the textbooks are all online and free.