CSS 3D playground

Of course, you have to start with the traditional spinning cube. It’s practically the “Hello World!” of 3D animation:

That’s the easy part. The hard part is using equilateral CSS triangles to build a spinning octahedron:

And then pulling together even more trigonometry to build an icosahedron:

Which was, while confusing at times, a surprisingly fun puzzle to solve.

Highroad Consulting, Ltd.

Highroad Consulting, Ltd.
Highroad Consulting, Ltd.


As usual, I didn’t design this one, I just built it. A little bit of jQuery, a lot of CSS, a splash of embPerl and Google Maps API on the contact page, all built on top of an HTML5 template (with Modernizr providing the shiv for older browsers). The homepage uses a variation on my simple slideshow which interacts with the main navigation tabs.

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