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Stonegate Venture Partners
Stonegate Venture Partners

A new partner site to Stonegate Advisors, this one not only uses the same design, it shares 98% of the CSS. The only big change was the conversion of the news articles from static HTML to a database-driven PHP/MySQL system, which was also copied from another recent site of mine (Vasilko Architects et al). This meant we could get the site up and running from only rough design sketches inside of a week.

KSB Legal



A small but heavily-JavaScripted site for Chicago-area law firm Kopecky, Schumacher, Bleakley and Rosenberg. Background images use modern CSS attributes to zoom to full-screen at any size, while hashchange events keep the news page down to a single document. Clicking on navigation links at the top open up an animated slider to show the attorneys’ photos, a scrolling news summary, or contact information.

Use HTML 5 datepickers instead of jQuery-UI

Did you know Modernizr will test for the existence of certain HTML 5 input elements? Since Google Chrome and most mobile browsers have a built-in datepicker for <input type="date"> elements, you can use yepnope (automatically provided as part of Modernizr) to dynamically load jQuery-UI (a relatively large file, even when only the datepicker code is included) only when needed.


<input type="date" id="from_date" name="from_date">


yepnope({ /* included with Modernizr */
  test :,
  nope : {
    'css': '/path-to-your-css/jquery-ui-1.10.3.custom.min.css',
    'js': '/path-to-your-js/jquery-ui-1.10.3.datepicker.min.js'
  callback: { // executed once files are loaded
    'js': function() { $('input[type=date]').datepicker({dateFormat: "yy-mm-dd"}); } // default HTML5 format


See the Pen Use HTML 5 datepickers instead of jQuery-UI by Martin Blase (@mblase75) on CodePen.

Complete Equity Markets Insurance

Complete Equity Markets InsuranceThis site was a long time getting deployed, but it’s live as of this week. This company sells legal insurance to legal and other professionals, and they wanted both a facelift for their old site and a way for users to submit some rather complicated insurance applications online. As usual, the design was provided to me and the HTML/CSS and JavaScript were mine to create.

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